Our Vision

We believe Curaçao can be fully sustainable


GreenTown wants to re-develop the area that is currently used by the Isla oil refinery. It is our vision to replace this refinery with a clean, zero-emission city that is entirely based on sustainable energy, and is created in harmony with nature. GreenTown will be a pleasurable and happy place to live and work for many people. 


GreenTown will transform the most polluted area in the Dutch Kingdom into the most sustainable, green, waterfront city in the world. GreenTown will create jobs and a future for our children. Many of them will stay or return return to the island they love so much.

Sustainability is business!  In cooperation with companies, schools and universities GreenTown will develop expertise and knowledge on sustainability and sustainability transitions. This knowledge can be used to create new businesses.

In addition, by promoting a clean and green environment, GreenTown will make Curaçao more attractive for tourism.


The objectives of GreenTown Curaçao are:


  1. Create more jobs on Curaçao
  2. Increase government income
  3. Stop the pollution on Curaçao
  4. Reduce CO2 emissions
  5. Replace the refinery with a green sustainable city

GreenTown will result in more happiness, less poverty, more community participation and a significant improvement of the standard of living.

Jobs in GreenTown


Jobs Image

Economic activities



Yachts choose Curaçao to be their home base because it lies outside the hurricane belt. These yachts, their owners and crew will ensure a significant contribution to the economy.

Ship Maintenance


As more and more ships will visit Curaçao, there will be more maintenance to be done. Curacao is qualified for this job, since the employees of the docks are known for their technical skills.



The people of Curaçao show strong talent in their ability to organize large entertainment productions. A large entertainment centre will be created that showcases large-scale productions.


Free Trade


Favorable tax rates make Curaçao an attractive place for free trade. GreenTown has planned an extension of the current free trade zone, where products arrive, are packaged, and exported.



In a modern recycling centre, waste materials will be reprocessed into valuable raw materials (cradle-to-cradle); an example for people on Curaçao to maintain a clean environment.

City Services


Many people will be employed in both governmental and commercial positions. GreenTown will create jobs for policemen, teachers, utility and guarding services.



The fishing industry will be expanded into an industry that includes processing, distribution, retailing, wholesaling, boat building, and fish export. GreenTown will provide the facilities for these activities.



Ground-level shops, shopping malls, high-end waterfront shops and duty-free retail in mixed use, will appeal to yacht tourists, all tourists and GreenTown residents.

Financial Services


The construction of a new office cluster-with high energy-performance standards-provides an opportunity to reinforce the Financial Services industry while expanding the real estate market.

Comparison with the Isla refinery


Green principles