Willemstad, 05 June 2011

Izaline Calister ambassador for GreenTown Curaçao

Izaline Calister, Curaçao's foremost International composer and singer-songwriter, has enthusiastically signed on as an 'ambassador' for Fundashon GreenTown Curaçao. Calister, who is well-known for her unique jazz style, is very much in sync with the values of GreenTown Curaçao, which envisions a green eco-friendly Isla—an IslaNobo, powered by sustainable energy, and generating good jobs at the heart of 21st-Century Willemstad. As a mother with a young daughter, Calister represents a new generation of leadership for Curaçao, and is excited to begin building toward the future and to build a healthier, cleaner, and more prosperous environment for all Yu di Kòrsou.